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  • Sunday at midnight :On 4th south highway entrance ( auto pool) this complete @$$hole refused to merge & the auto in front of us was attempting to merge into our lane as well however he slowly pushed us closer & closer to the wall as the traffic behind us built up. The nice corolla in front of us slowed down to allow us in just so we even had a chance. We fled up to obtain away from the maniac & he fled up & attempted to run us into the guard rail on the away left (still in the auto pool) we received out of the auto pool lane as quickly as we could & he attempted to ram his back end of his truck into our side & caused us to crash on our brakes & swerve accross perhaps five either so lanes of traffic toward the shoulder on the right side, Keep in mind WE DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to this guy, not even antagonize him to proceed with this reckless behavior. He continued to speed up to however fast that damn truck could go & crash on his brakes frequently until we received close & then no matter where we went he attempted to obtain us to back end him. We was attempting to stay near other vehicles so that we would have witnesses in case anything happened however we as well didn't want to wreck into all of them. I finally freed up enough memory on my camera by this point & received few video of him cutting us off & speeding up 1 to crash on his brakes & flip us off before cutting off toward 33rd exit. Trust me we would have gotten off at 33rd (our soonest available exit) if he hadn't. He started to do minor things one time he saw the camera, I honestly think it saved our lives last night when we was just attempting to obtain house on time with out dying. I have contacted UHP in regards the incident, I'm moving to fill out a report & I won't stop until something is done, he is moving to kill few someone 1 day, imagine what would have happened if we had absolutely done something to him!!! Watch out for this guy & just pull over!!! He won't stop!!!

    • Car Details: red DODGE hemi 4 door truck
    • Last Seen Location: salt lake city, Utah, US
    Anonymous April 02, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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