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  • Headed East on SR. 54, six lane highway, Escalade is speeding, weaving & frequently running up toward dividing median, if that wasn't there, he would have smash oncoming traffic..Call 911 however lose him..then pull into strip shopping middle a small later & there he is! Call 911 AGAIN, repeat my story, there is a KID with him & he's en voyage enjoy that.. they obtain out & go into small store..911 tells there is a Cop nearby, I say them exactly where we are, I am parked right in back of him.. say them tag & description & everything..they not ever show up while I am there & I waited in regards fifteen min..this dumbass was all above the way & I hope he gets captured before he kills someone. I felt not good for kid with him! My son wanted me to make a Citizens Arrest either something..what could I do at that point?

    • Car Details: Beige/Champagne CADILLAC Escalade
    • Last Seen Location: Odessa/Tampa, Florida, US
    Anonymous January 20, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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