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  • I was en voyage east on Route 137 just previous the crossing with Route 21. There was a long line of slow-moving traffic in the left lane as a result of a lot of vehicles was turning left toward River Rd. I was moving in the right lane, moving significantly faster. This guy in a big white pickup truck decided he didn't want to be with the slow vehicles in the left lane all more since he wasn't turning, so he signaled right & started to move over. I beeped to warn him I was approaching up fast. He hesitated, & then cut me off anyway. I had to brake hard. What a @$$! At least I was able to obtain his plate num easily, since I received such a close-up view of the back of his truck...

    • Car Details: White CHEVROLET Pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Libertyville, Illinois, US
    Anonymous July 17, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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