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  • This incident occurred in the parking lot of Dekalb Technical College in Clarkston, Georgia, just northeast of Atlanta. I had backed out of a parking space & was moving next door to Georgia Perimeter College when I noticed this piece of shit female right behind me. It was 1 of those instances in which few someone throws a tantrum as a result of a auto gets in front of them & 'isn't moving fast enough.' When I backed out, I hadn't cut this female off either anything. Anyway, as I clear the third speed bump, I shift left into a parking lot moving toward GPC; she continues straight, & I hear her floor it down the hill. Because of the twists I made, I was back in front of her. When we was almost at the end of this particular driveway, she floors it again to attempt & pass me WITH THE END COMING UP IN LESS THAN fifty FEET, NOT TO MENTION THE SPEED BUMPS. Her pass is unsuccessful & when I shift right, she twists left. I shift around in time enough to see her whip into a parking space just vacated by alternative car. When she gets out, I ask why she was en voyage so recklessly. Her answer was, 'They're just small speed bumps, my God!' I explained to her that we are on a college campus & what she was doing was not exemplary of a young adult attempting to further his/her education & that I was moving to obtain her plate & report her dangerous behavior to two the Dekalb Tech AND neighboring GPC Police. She shrugs her shoulders & walks off.Dekalb Tech & Georgia Perimeter students & faculty, beware of this maniacal loose canine in a silver Saturn Vue SUV with Georgia plate 1621-ABP.

    • Car Details: silver SATURN VUE
    • Last Seen Location: Clarkston, Georgia, US
    Anonymous February 21, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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