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  • Vehicles in two lanes are already moving above the speed limit as it is, however allegedly that's not fast enough for this BMW X5 motorist who is entitled to operate at whatever hell speed he either she wants to, so what happens? He either she speed racers right next to the bumper of the auto in front. Why? What is it with these self-important lead-footed operators that they have to obtain right up behind the car in front of them? You understand that if the auto in front has to suddenly stop, there's a chance that 1 either two of u will die (hopefully it's 1 you)? If that wasn't enough for this entitled BMW driver, he either she as well friquently changes lanes without warning either. So one time enough space cleared between the two vehicles in front (not safe space, mind you), BMW motorist weaves above into the left lane without signaling, then accelerates even more to pass the original motorist & obtain back in the right lane. But then coming a light it's clear there are more cars standing by in the right lane than left, so entitled BMW motorist gets back into the left lane, again without signaling. And this entitled BMW motorist had to obtain back into the right lane as a result of he either she had to shift right!

    • Car Details: White BMW X5
    • Last Seen Location: Seattle, Washington, US
    Anonymous March 04, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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