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  • On Saturday, July 21, 2007 around 7:30pm our family witnessed the motorist of black pickup 161PSC exhibit extreme way rage. The motorist of 161PSC was a white older male. Another younger white man was in the commuter seat with a female in the back of the cab. The motorist in this truck came up behind alternative pickup truck on freeway 29 at a high speed. 161PSC continued to attempt to side-swipe alternative pickup truck to the point the other motorist had to pull into the ditch. 161PSC waited for the other pickup to obtain back on the road. At the next stop light, the motorist of 161PSC received out of his truck & ran back to the other pickup & attempted to grab the motorist through the window. Driver of 161PSC grabbed the steering wheel of the other driver's truck. Driver of 161PSC was shouting vulgarities at the other driver. Other motorist was on the phone, may have been cops call.Eventually a lot cops officers showed up & surrounded the black pickup 161PSC. Numerous witnesses saw the incident. Driver of 161PSC clearly has few way rage issues. BEWARE OF 161PSC as this motorist is a EXTREME ROAD RAGER!!!!

    • Car Details: black CHEVROLET 2500
    • Last Seen Location: Greer, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous July 24, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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