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  • 2/9/07, ~6:45AM, MD-140W - Ok, this wire isn't as not good as the title would lead u to believe, I just thought it would be funny. A giant yellow school bus pulled out across 2 lanes of traffic toward MD-140W just before Emory Road to obtain to the left shift lane to shift left on Emory Road. Caused two lanes of traffic to crash on their brakes & screech to a halt. Now I know few would tell to call the County School System however I don't think I will since it could've been a innocent mistake. There is a mountain & a curve approaching up to that light so I'd imagine visibility is fairly low & they did pull out as fast as a giant bus could. Just a flag to warn the motorist to be more careful.

    • Car Details: Finksburg, Maryland, Finksburg, Maryland, US
    • Last Seen Location: Finksburg, Maryland, US
    Anonymous February 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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