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  • Forgive mis-spelling, as I am still shaking from this incident...Friday April 18th, Aprx. 9pm - Heading East on Route seven from Leesburg to Sterling, I was going back from the outlet mall with my wife & four kids, when out of nowhere, a large truck with enough lights to illuminate a small stadium, runs up behind me litterally inches from my bumper, flashing his brights & making his car jerk forward as if he intended to ram me out of the way, thing is there was no where to go, nothing however traffic travelling at common speed. After a small minutes of this maniac behind me, I saw my chance to move above a lane, he quickly shot previous me. I instictively wanted to grab his plate number, so I made my way back above to previous lane; as soon as this jerk saw that I was behind him, he slammed on his brakes, leaving a cloud of smoke in his fish-tailing wake; thankfully I was not tailgating & was able to stop just short of eating his back bumper.This incident scared the ever living shit out of us all. We contacted the poilce, & I plan to go to the cops station in the morn & file a formal complaint against this individual; I would as well enjoy to make his captain & feloow fireman aware of this behavior, as a result of I have a sinking suspicion they wouold not agree with his actions.-bAdmArk-

    • Car Details: Fire Engine Red FORD F-250/F-350
    • Last Seen Location: Ashburn, Virginia, US
    Anonymous April 18, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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