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  • It started in Rhode Island moving North on I-95. Evening hurry hour- heavy traffic however moving pretty good. I was in the left lane moving along with all 1 else when this pickup flies up on my tail. He continued to tailgate flashing his lights even though I could not move above & could not go all faster than the motorist in front of me. Everyone was already moving sixty five & it was a forty five MPH zone! So we pass into the state of Mass. where the speed limit increased & so did everyone's speed- to in regards eighty MPH. But still not fast enough for this penishead who continued to flash & tailgate. Finally he cut few someone else off & flew around me almost running me off the road. I allow him go on his merry way 1 to catch him on the same off-ramp i was taking. He stopped to make a left turn- i pulled up beside him just to see what a dumbass of this caliber really glanced like. Not 1 however two of the ugliet, fattest, nastiest glancing poor excuses for human beings I have ever seen had somehow found enough intelligence to obtain themselves into this truck & start it. i had to laugh. They drove just how they looked- enjoy shit.

    • Car Details: blue DODGE Pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Attleboro, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous December 18, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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