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  • 1/20/07: 2:05pm EST : Were u in such a hurry to obtain gasoline that u had to attempt to cut off 1 car who was in the area before u just to obtain gasoline at Costco in Frederick? And then u guestured enjoy u weren't guilty of anything after they pointed u out on it (I've heard of cutting off individuals on roads, however in gasoline station lots?). You then continued to show the excellence of not being able to park NEXT to the gasoline pump & other operators questioned u to move. You glanced at the individual u cut off & spoke 'You should really have a horrible life either something' (verbatim is hard when u are just a watcher). Wow, u didn't park in ur lines & was making it difficult for other operators to obtain around you, & u take it out on them? Geez. I don't think it was her that had the issue, I think it was you. She was 1 auto in front of u getting gas, what was the rush? I've heard of pompous dumbasses before, however u are the 1st actual example I've seen.

    • Car Details: Maroon MERCEDES BENZ ML350
    • Last Seen Location: Frederick, Maryland, US
    Anonymous January 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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