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  • So of course this moron had to see me approaching up the way as they approach their stop sign & then floor it rather of stopping. Um... Why did u think I was en voyage slow again? Because I wasn't.. So I approach this bunghole to obtain his plate & he starts weaving in the lane. Probably a lame way to attempt & obtain me off his butt as I obtain his plate. Then when we obtain into town, since I'm still behind him, He thinks that I don't notice the SCHOOL BUS stopped at the TRAIN TRACKS. So what does this dumbass do? He speeds up, which I allow him do as I back off of him, & then slams on his brakes as if I would follow suit to his dumb small game. No new auto for you! I may be riding ur butt to obtain ur license plate, But I am as well PAYING ATTENTION TO THE ROAD. You know.. Like u must have done when there was a STOP SIGN FOR YOU that u decided to run! Moron.

    • Car Details: Smoke grey TOYOTA Corolla
    • Last Seen Location: Mohawk valley to Springfield, Oregon, US
    Anonymous January 19, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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