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  • i attempted to exit in a unfamiliar area (william cannon off mopac/71), at aprox. 2:45pm 6-1-07 - i thought the gentleman behind was letting me above since we had two slowed & i had my blinker on. i changed lanes in front of him & merged toward the exit ramp. as he drove previous i waved to tell thanks. Well I should have angered him as a result of he immediately darted in front of my truck & slammed on his breaks (mind u i have my 13 month old son in the vehicle)- i almost smash the gentleman in the lexus, as i screeched to a stop on the freeway my son's head flew forward & slammed back against his auto seat, he immediately started screaming/crying. mr. lexus flipped me off via his sun roof, & grabbed off. i merged back on the freeway & followed to obtain his plates. - i am taking my son to the doctor tomorrow morn because he is still acting enjoy his neck hurts! what a nice guy, possibly giving a baby whiplash...

    • Car Details: gold LEXUS unsure, emblem removed -
    • Last Seen Location: Austin, Texas, US
    Anonymous June 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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