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  • Straight truck,so registered with dot.Company the 'I-core',should put this motorist out of car for few school,driving school.Driving truck,with stopping on red light,truck came from Lowes lot,going west bound on 500W,then twists toward 45th ,eastbound,passes red light on right turn,with out using shift signal,then changes lane,to go nb i-15,on ramp,with out using shift signal.Dangeorus en voyage of 1-5 ton truck.Company sup of drivers-this guy is hazard on road.period,off steering wheels & say to him.number on truck 800-367-6201.two violations of using signal while changing lane,stop sign/red light making right turn,second.who provide him truck?IDIOT.

    • Car Details: white AM GENERAL chevy
    • Last Seen Location: salt lake city, Utah, US
    Anonymous May 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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