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  • This morn (12/25/08) while I was headed south on Interstate 275 to see my sister for Christmas I had the misfortune of being tailgated by the motorist of a black Mercedes Benz C220 on south Interstate 275 from Roosevelt Blvd (Exit 30) to Gandy Blvd (Exit 28). Not 1 I was being tailgated, the motorist of the black Mercedes Benz was as well speaking on his mobile telephone enjoy if it was a business call.I have few questions for the motorist of the black Mercedes Benz who tailgated me on Interstate 275 today:1. Why did u have to tailgate me for? It's Christmas Day & Interstate 275 was practically empty; u could have went around me enjoy a safe motorist without resorting to tailgating me.2. Does using ur mobile telephone while u are en voyage more important to u than en voyage in traffic safely? When I passed u I saw u on ur mobile telephone allegedly engaged in a business enjoy conversation & u had ur mind more on ur mobile telephone conversation than glancing where u are going. Besides, the mobile telephone can wait until u have arrived at ur destination.3. Were u in a rush to obtain somewhere on Christmas Day? Safe en voyage is the rule 365 days of the year & the holidays are no excuse. Right after u went around me at Gandy Blvd. I saw u tailgating other motorists on Interstate 275 & then u speeded off.Mr. Driver of the black Mercedes Benz C220, consider this PlateWire report as a Christmas present being a reminder to operate safely.

    • Car Details: Black MERCEDES BENZ C220
    • Last Seen Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, US
    Anonymous December 25, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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