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  • ... & teach the rest of the state how to drive! Because I was more than impressed with ur en voyage this morning!I'm going West on Broadway, in regards 7:30 am, in the right lane, through Winter Hill, & I stop in traffic to allow spoke motorist out of a side street. She twists in front of me, waving thank u in the process (rare in these parts), & as well using a shift signal, which I could say as a result of I could see it cancel itself as she straightened out into my lane. Then, she absolutely USES a shift signal to switch to the left lane & cancels that properly one time the maneuver is succesfully completed & travels in regards alternative block either so forward. She then puts it on AGAIN in regards hundred feet before her desired left shift toward a side road & then properly makes the left turn, without rudely cutting off the not-so-friendly mix of oncoming hurry hour traffic. A major contrast to ur fellow New Hampshirites (sp.) who, 2 times just in the previous week from what I've witnessed, have attempted to swap paint with other cars in heavy traffic just to jump ahead 1 either two auto lengths. Good for you!

    • Car Details: Black TOYOTA Camry
    • Last Seen Location: Somerville, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous September 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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