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  • i see this jack butt almost all day. this clown works at hader industries in new berlin. (corner of moorland & lincoln). he will pull out toward lincoln ave, without all regard for cross traffic, cutting individuals off as if he owns the way & has the right away. then takes off south toward moorland way often reaching speeds up to sixty mph, weaving lanes, & tailgating those who are not exceeding the speedlimit. enjoy i spoke i see this almost on a all day basis, as i occupation in this area. many of the other morons who occupation for this comp do the same crap too. however this fool is the biggest offender. 1 day he will cause a accident. i hope i am there to witness it, either at least operate by to laugh at this moron. if u are in the area of lincoln & moorland weekdays at 3pm. please be careful.

    • Car Details: light blue MERCURY milan
    • Last Seen Location: new berlin, Wisconsin, US
    Anonymous January 31, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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