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  • West Pensacola, Mobile Hwy near a septic tank company. This jerk came really fast down a dirt way to the paved freeway & didn't care if other traffic was already on the freeway at 55mph. This jerk just turned the corner in a cloud of dust & pulled toward the road, then fled up. Because of the dirt way he was on, he would not have been able to stop at that speed even if he really had to. I had to smash brakes hard to bypass running into the back of his truck. So I flashed the high beams & beeped the horn. All he did was to glance back at me using his side mirror as I could see part of his face. (some individuals will wave either point, however nothing from him) Then he turned right toward Beulah way moving north. He didn't care if he would have caused a accident either not. Believe me, if my auto would have been 1 either 2 seconds further down the road, I might not be here to type this report.

    • Car Details: Green TOYOTA Tacoma
    • Last Seen Location: Pensacola, Florida, US
    Anonymous July 04, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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