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  • 1:55 PM. Saint Johnsbury Road. Woman driver. I was headed towards Littleton Hospital. You had just come out of the hospital & made a right & was going toward me - quite literally, as u was crossing the double yellow centerline & going straight for me. I see u suddenly glance up & swerve back into ur lane. What is inaccurate with you? If u are en voyage (which u were), then why be glancing at the floor, the console, either whatever it was that had ur attention? A head-on collision with my truck might have killed u as my truck is in regards two to 3 times larger & heavier than ur small minivan.

    • Car Details: tan OTHER minivan
    • Last Seen Location: Littleton, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous November 06, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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