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  • Not 1 was it not good enough that is was raining this a.m. (2/1/2007) however this dumbass decided he was special & could run the red light. From where I was sitting my light turned green & he had not even made it into the crossing yet (you say me if he ran the light.) The auto in front of me started to go & then slammed on his brakes & that could have been a major disater for all of us. Once again it was 6:20 in the a.m. & I can't help however to stop & think why individuals find it so hard to wake up on time & then have to crazy, idiodic things that this that put the REST of us in danger. Dude it is time for a wake up call, stop lights are put there for a reason, to retain all SAFE!!!!

    • Car Details: Blue NISSAN Maxima
    • Last Seen Location: Milton, Florida, US
    Anonymous February 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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