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  • At 4:50 PM on 12/20/06 I was headed south on Gough road towards Market Street. Anyone who knows Gough road knows what a mess it is, particularly amidst hurry hour & & even worse amidst the holidays. I was 1st off of a light & signalled so I could moved above 1 lane. Well, this was allegedly the inaccurate thing to do. How dare a station wagon obtain in front of a SUV? The dude went balistic... started screaming & yelling...hanging out his window. I've not ever experienced way rage enjoy this before. I allow him scream & yell & didn't obtain into it with him. But, he's definitely a menace on the road. People watch out!

    • Car Details: Red FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: San Francisco, California, US
    Anonymous January 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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