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  • Computer generated Black on White, starting Oct. 2010. These are point of sale issues that are printed by the dealer & wrapped in a protective plastic sleeve. Same fonts & sizes old as Virginia's print on demand temp for state name & serial. Includes year, make, model, color, & VIN of vehicle. Expiration date printed in white on black. Started at T000001. Numbers have progressed into the T suffix. The T suffix was dropped temporarily, so just the num appeared. The change seems to have taken place between 039999T & 040000 (no 'T.') This type is as well old for Motorcycle, however printed smaller. The nums appear to be shared between Pass. & Motorcycle. Now the T has returned. Tom reports alternative misprint of 143432 without the T. From Jeff Ellis: The missing T suffix is a printing error -- the same error resulted in the dropping of the final digit on a num of temp plates in the T000000 format. Earlier series was Blue on White cardboard. Z suffix rolled above to A, B, C, D, E, G, H, P. N began to appear after P. F & O was skipped. Motorcycle Temporary - 72588K (Blue on white enjoy Pass, however MC size) From Paul Freeze: In addition to the regular sequence of temp tags (now appearing to be somewhere around T81nnnn), I've been noticing odd temp tags since the beginning of the year (4 in the T002nnn range & the current high, all away out of sequence) & saw 1 the other day with the inaccurate num of digits (T80852).

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    Walter Pilley July 02, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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