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  • Congratulations on contributing to my general impression that F150 operators are dangerous assholes! Going north on I75 before 595, I was in the right-hand lane moving a couple MPH above the speed limit with traffic ahead of my no faster. You sailed right on up to my tail. You didn't obtain the msg to back off when I slowed down. Asshole. Then, a small minutes later when u finally passed & moved in front of me, u immediately slammed on the brakes down to 45mph. Dangerous. Thank u Platewire, for existing for this rant so that I didn't demand to blow my top at the time!

    • Car Details: black FORD F150 or thereabouts (customized)
    • Last Seen Location: Weston, Florida, US
    Anonymous May 15, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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