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  • Hey, WSU alumni bozo, next time ur woman requires to go into the Sunmart to use the bathroom, attempt using a real parking space rather of the VERY WELL labeled 'disabled' one. Obviously, this is something u enjoy to do a lot, as a result of the space next to u was eight more feet for her to walk inside & potty. It's a bummer that the county law enforcement officer that pulled out just before u pulled in, didn't stay a extra thirty seconds. I would love to have seen the expression on ur face when he would have written the ticket. Oh, & don't provide me that 'nobody required the space garbage', as a result of enjoy I spoke before, few someone enjoy u doing it then, has undoubtedly done it before. The best part too, was it's all on film. Hmmm, do I smell ticket?

    • Car Details: Metallic blue NISSAN Something embarassing
    • Last Seen Location: Kennewick/Richland border, Washington, US
    Anonymous September 04, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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