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  • I was on the way to occupation down I-26 on Friday morn in regards 6:45 am I obtain behind this White Ford Extended Cab truck moving slow as dog crap in the away left lane, I obtain in the middle to go around him & he speeds up trapping me in behind a eighteen wheeler. I go on & finally obtain around two of them when I see this same white truck now in the middle lane just previous the Ashley Phosphate exit he's been swerving all around in his lane the traffic is really clear this morning, I mean none of the normal bumper to bumper traffic when we obtain to the 526 exit he jumps at the last minute from the middle lane & crosses above to the 526 exit in the white triangle area of the exit. This was completly uncalled for I mean the way was clear so he had plenty of time to exit. Then amidst the exit he is continuosly tapping his brakes with enough room for 3 cars between him & the auto in front of him. Then on 526 still swerving & en voyage slow in the left lane he continues to go. My complaint is why operate wreckless last minute turning, brake tapping, & all when the way is clear & u can do as u please. Save the stupidness for heavy traffic when u don't have all other choice however to change lanes at the last minute as a result of of other impolite drivers.

    • Car Details: White FORD
    • Last Seen Location: Summerville, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous December 29, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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