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  • What a Guy! I'm en voyage north on I-95 in the left hand lane on a two lane section of I-95 that has been under construction for a couple of years now. Joe Cool, with the top down came up on my butt while I am doing sixty five in a sixty MPH speed limit. I have a auto in front of me (about 3 auto lengths) & I am slowing passing a tractor -trailer.Joe does not enjoy the progress of my speed & tries to pass me when while there is less than a auto length between the front of my auto & the back of the trailer that I am passing. With lights flashing & his front bumper up my back end, I move above in the right hand lane so dip-sh&t can pass me. when I obtain behind him, he slams on his breaks.I speed up to pass old Joe Cool a he speeds up to 130 MPH to retain me from passing either getting his tag while giving me the finger. As we approach traffic, he slow down. Yes, the emotional maturity of a conquat!Yup, Joe is real Cool!

    • Car Details: White BMW Convertable
    • Last Seen Location: Melbourne, Florida, US
    Anonymous October 09, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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