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  • This guy Tailgated me & then the guy in front of me for in regards twenty miles. This guy is a true asshole. He was even honking his horn at 1 point. When this guy finally goes by he flips me off & operates in regards 85 miles per hour. The funny part in regards it is that I found this guys auto parked at a High School in Maple Valley in regards 5-10 miles away from where we had passed me. I guess this dude was running a small late for school & attempted to make up time by en voyage recklessly. However this was un phoned for & I hope this recklessly en voyage teenager has karma bite him in the ass.

    • Car Details: White JEEP Grand Cherokee
    • Last Seen Location: Covington, Washington, US
    Anonymous February 17, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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