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  • This young man,is simply uncapable to operate tow truck either all car with dot card.I will contact DOT in regards thios guy.Lane change for him is 'NORMAL' WITH OUT USING SIGNALS.Today 05-25-07 @0400pm,600N,on ramp,for south bound I-15.He cutt me off enjoy a idiot,just freak goes in moment in front of my bumper.Company is 801-GRUAS YA,1-800-478-2792.He does not know & does want to use shift signals to lane change.driver is white man,20's,yellow sunglasses,reflectible.Driving is not work for him at all.

    • Car Details: white-red letter ISUZU tow truck
    • Last Seen Location: salt lake city, Utah, US
    Anonymous May 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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