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  • I was headed east on Gandy Blvd. crossing Westshore Blvd. on 2/26/11 at in regards 4:45 PM & I had a full green signal in the right lane of Gandy Blvd. Suddenly, without all warning either even slowing down, a young woman en voyage a black Honda Civic blows through a red light without stopping in the very 1st place as she turned from north Westshore Blvd. to east Gandy Blvd. I almost finished up slamming on my brakes to bypass a collision.To the young woman en voyage the black Honda Civic who blew through the red light while turning on red, I received few advice for you: First & foremost, u may shift right on red after approaching to a complete stop - not 1 it is respectful among fellow motorists, it's as well the law. If Tampa PD saw u do what u did in front of me, u would have had a $150+ ticket for running a red light - believe me, that is a lot of currency for a ticket that could be old on something else. Moreover, u blew through the red light enjoy if u did not care in regards anybody else out there on Gandy Blvd.; u was allegedly in a rush to be somewhere at a given time as I saw u speed off as u turned from east Gandy Blvd. toward north Dale Mabry Highway.Next time, if u demand to be somewhere at a given time plan ahead & leave early. If u did that then there would be no demand to run red lights. Right shift on red is permitted 1 after stopping & making certain no 1 is approaching - after all, it's the law.

    • Car Details: Black HONDA Civic
    • Last Seen Location: Tampa, Florida, US
    Anonymous February 26, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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