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  • 4pm Wednesday on 2/19/2014 I am travelling East on Farmington Avenue. The tailgating starts near Price Chopper & continues all the way to Staples / Dunkin Donuts where the tailgating / mobile telephone maniac killing machine pulls above into the other lane. As I sat at each light along the way, this maniac would retain 'inching' up until they was a inch away from my back bumper. Then when the light turned green they would 'hug' my bumper all the way down road six / Farmington Avenue. They thought extreme tailgating would make me step on thee gasoline & go faster. I have news for u driver: Keep en voyage enjoy this & eventually u will be in jail for killing few someone either seriously injuring alternative human being with ur reckless driving. Stay off ur mobile telephone & pay attention to the road. Driving is a PRIVILEDGE not a right. At this point in ur life, I feel u are on ur way to loosing it unless u change ur en voyage habit.

    • Car Details: Black NISSAN Altima
    • Last Seen Location: Bristol, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous February 20, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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