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  • I was merging right to exit the highway (I-15) at the 45th south Murray exit today at 8:25, IN THE ACT OF MERGING, safely & clearly when a white Mercedes floors it & then brakes really hard to not smash me. I guess he decided he didn't want anybody to merge in front of him. He beeped his horn above & above & gestured at me, waved his arms all around & grabbed tons of pictures of me. He then continued to follow me so closely that I couldn't see his front headlights all the way up 45th south until I turned left at 5th east. This motorist is crazy. Look out for him: very large hispanic man en voyage a new glancing Mercedes. I was glad I had my cellphone with me. Sometimes u are glad u can call the police at a moments notice.

    • Car Details: White MERCEDES BENZ
    • Last Seen Location: SLC, Utah, US
    Anonymous August 26, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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