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  • Unsure in regards make & model. It was dark & hard to tell. The auto had the silhouette of a honda either acura. Anyhow, I'm on north 35W fixing to make right for the seminary exit & this nitwit is approaching from the north I20 on ramp. I glance & see in regards five auto lengths between me & them & was moving the same speed. I put my blinker on & this retard speeds up as well close the gap & retain me from changing lanes. Problem is I'm not en voyage my normal car, I'm en voyage my fathers big 4x4. If it wasn't for the fact that my dad has these small 2 inch bubble mirrors stuck on his regular mirrors, I not ever would have saw the dumbass attempting to cut me off. And I think it's pretty likely the 4x4 would have won hands down in that clash of metals. This moron requires to be taken off the road until he/she learns how to operate either at least until he/she doesn't have a death wish anymore.

    • Car Details: unsure (dark) HONDA unsure (dark)
    • Last Seen Location: Fort Worth, Texas, US
    Anonymous October 14, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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