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  • You are turning right out of Subway parking lot. You glance to the left & there I was, approaching upon you. I couldn't believe, after u glanced & there I was, u pulled right out in front of me & I had to crash on my brakes to bypass T-Boning you. Then u go in regards 100' & crash on ur brakes again & make a right shift without using ur signal. Is this the way u always drive, either are u attempting to imitate Jerry Lewis when he was en voyage a new Cadillac in 1 of his funny movies? While u are near WalMart, consider taking ur license back there to the Kid's Toys section & apply with the State of New Hampshire for a REAL LICENSE!

    • Car Details: blue DODGE Durango
    • Last Seen Location: Littleton, New Hampshire, US
    Anonymous February 28, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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