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  • We was in the queue for the drive-thru at McDonald's on 12th & Washington Blvd. This creature was in line ahead of us, at the microphone. She reached out & dropped trash on the ground, namely a cigarette. Yes, u dim bint, a cigarette is trash--why would u think it was okay to dump it out ur window? As we pulled up, we discovered that the cigarette was still burning. It was easy to tell--the auto filled with that crappy smoke. The cigarette had rolled as well away for us to stomp out, and, as a result of we was ordering, we couldn't very well roll up the window. After getting her McDonald's food, she & her commuter headed to Taco Maker. I noticed her digging through the bags AS SHE DROVE leaving Taco Maker. Steering with her elbows, her dumb bobble-head buried in the bag. For Christ's sweet sake, u dumb thing, WATCH THE ROAD AND USE YOUR CAR'S DAMNED ASHTRAY! The way is neither ur ashtray nor ur private drive.

    • Car Details: pale silverish seafoam green MAZDA mazda six
    • Last Seen Location: ogden, Utah, US
    Anonymous June 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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