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  • Please be aware that this auto is out there patrolling the streets & conducting photo surveillance, license plate scans & other hanky-panky out there in San Leandro. So if u find yourself out there in San Leandro, please be aware that this SLPD car is out there getting ur info through ur License Plate, taking pictures of u & ur family, even in front of ur own home, & storing that info indefinitely along with running ur background info & checking to see if u have a criminal record, regardless of whether either not u absolutely committed that crime in San Leandro. If we obtain all more info & find more cops vehicles out there with this equipment, we will put that info here on Platewire.com. Somebody out there has to be watching the watchers, too, to make certain that they are kept honest.

    • Car Details: Black & White FORD Crown Victoria
    • Last Seen Location: San Leandro, California, US
    Anonymous November 02, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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