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  • Unfortunately, this is 1 of the uglier wires which requires to be filed.This car was Kissimmee Police Cruiser #207. Please note the time, 12:45 PM, May 11, 2007, Northbound Florida's Turnpike in ORANGE COUNTY.This jerk was out of jurisdiction, & headed AWAY from his jurisdiction so it's obvious he was headed for lunch, rather than a call. So here goes: 1) I was doing seventy five in a seventy zone, & had just passed a car & moved to the right hand lane. The guy passes me enjoy I'm standing still in the left lane, I estimate around ninety mph. It was clearly obvious that there was traffic just ahead, clogging two lanes. So this bozo FLIES up behind the car in the left lane just enjoy all 17-year-old tailgater, & puts himself literally inches behind that car (which had no place to go due to traffic in two lanes) & tailgates him for in regards a mile. 2) The way hits a construction zone, speed limit 60. The car he's tailgating is attempting to accellerate to move out of the way, & Officer F**ktard accellerates with him, doing eighty mph, right on his bumper. If the leading motorist FARTED, Kissimmee Police Cruiser #207 would have taken him out he was that close. 3) He finally realized the futility of his movements & moved to the right. As I passed him, I noticed he wasn't wearing his seatbelt. 4) As we approached the I-4 exit it began to rain. Officer F**ktard allegedly doesn't know that Florida Law requires lights on if ur wipers are on. So here's a nice rainstorm, slick, & getting dark, & Kissimmee Police Cruiser #207's received it's wipers moving full blast, however no headlights.So let's see, we have: Speeding (20+ mph), Agressive Driving, Tailgating, Speeding in a Construction Zone (20+mph), no seatbelt & failure to shift on headlights when wipers are on. However, I bet when few poor schlep asks this bunghole for a break on a ticket, Officer F**ktard tells him to Kiss(immee) off.I hope u choke on ur donut u jerk!------P.S. - Note that the plate itself is the solid yellow state government tag, not the 1 pictured above.

    • Car Details: White with Police Markings OTHER Police Cruiser
    • Last Seen Location: Orange County, Florida, US
    Anonymous May 11, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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