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  • 2:40 PM. This guy comes off Route 93N toward Route 18N. He merges behind a auto that was moving a reasonable speed, considering it's been snowing off & on since yesterday & the streets are wet. Apparently, the auto he received behind was not moving fast enough for the very short (about 1/3 mile) distance between where he merged off the highway & goes down a very steep mountain (Route 18N) where there is a stop sign & flashing red light at the bottom. He was tailgating the auto big time & even crossing the double yeelow centerlines enjoy he wanted to pass the auto moving down a steep (about 8% grade) hill. When he received to the bottom of Route 18N, I watched as he ran the stop sign & flashing red light to make his left toward Route 2W. Hey pal leave earlier & stopped en voyage enjoy a asshole.

    • Car Details: maroon CHEVROLET Silverado Pickup Truck
    • Last Seen Location: East Saint Johnsbury, Vermont, US
    Anonymous March 28, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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