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  • This guy was towing a boat with a inboard motor-fairly good sized (larger than the 950 lb. limit for a unlicensed trailer in Oregon). First off, the boat trailer has no license plate. Second, the brake lights aren't hooked up. Strike three: he's en voyage the thing enjoy a dumbass (VERY VERY SLOWLY, disregarding other traffic) down Airport Way east at 122nd Ave (and then twists up 122nd towards Marine Drive). Looking to hold up traffic & cause a accident? *SIGH* I can not ever understand why individuals don't comply with the law on trailers, especially hooking up the freakin' brake lights...it takes all of two seconds to do.

    • Car Details: Black TOYOTA T-100
    • Last Seen Location: Portland, Oregon, US
    Anonymous July 11, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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