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  • This auto was in a not good situation passing a black S-10 who didn't want to allow her pass & as she passed him, she accelerated to sixty MPH as she approached my car. The speed limit was forty MPH. She pulled into left lane to pass however there was a slow moving auto in left lane so she just decides to change lanes almost clipping my car. I can understand ur anger with the S-10 driver, I was attempting to bypass him as well however his not good en voyage doesn't provide u the right to operate almost as not good as this motorist was driving. Even if u clipped S-10 (I wish u would have), u would still obtain the ticket since u was speeding & even forced to operate on the way shoulder to eventually obtain previous him. I was moving fifty MPH & u clearly knew I was in the right lane when u made the lane change as a result of I saw u check ur blind spots. You figured that I could obtain out of ur way. Someday u will meet up with a motorist who isn't as attentive as I was & won't pull toward way shoulder to bypass getting clipped. It was sheer luck that u didn't clip the S-10 as a result of he wasn't paying attention & didn't seem to realize u was alongside him attempting to pass until u almost smash him & enjoy all assholes, allow out a long toot of his horn when it was just as much his fault. Don't assume all will be able to move out of ur way when u make lane changes!

    • Car Details: Beige MITSUBISHI Montero
    • Last Seen Location: Ogden, Utah, US
    Anonymous January 27, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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