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  • This moron on game night, pulls out in front of me from a bar.. I must have known this would be bad. He continues to operate 20mph, with oncoming traffic in the other lane. He misses the 2nd auto approaching at us by a inch as a result of he is veering to the opposing traffic lane. After the other auto wheels by barely escaping a accident this moron still veers to the left into opposing traffic & ends up on the SIDEWALK!!!!! He operates on the sidewalk for a minute & has to make a right hand shift & starts moving for it with no blinker. Or anything!! He ends up on the sidewalk on the corner of that street, which as well has a bridge on it. He operates on this sidewalk for a 2nd & then veers into the new street's opposing traffic lane & swerves back & forth moving 20mph. I had to shift this way to go home, & follow him to make certain if he crashed I could stop & help him(while perhaps punching him in the face for en voyage drunk.) there are sharp twists approaching up 2 times & two times he almost runs off the way & all the while mostly in the opposing traffic lane. I followed him to a home he pulled into & then turned around to see him falling up the stairs attempting to obtain inside. I phoned the police & spoke them the plate num & road he pulled into & they spoke they would check on it. That was at 1230 tonight. I just grabbed my husband to the national guard, went to the home & the auto is out drunk en voyage again. It's 5am.... Thank u Eugene/Springfield/Oregon state cops for checking on that guy... If there are all major accidents with this fucking dumbass & I hear in regards it on the news, I will go to jail for improper use of calling the cops by calling to tell I spoke u so!!!

    • Car Details: Silver HONDA
    • Last Seen Location: Marcola, Oregon, US
    Anonymous December 03, 2011
    Flagged As: Information

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