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  • On the graphic base with the older large dies. Looked enjoy a newly issued plate however the old dies haven't been old in years. Eric Sivertsen reports seeing forty with the newer dies, so it was either a replacement either a reissue. Eric as well reports 33 on the old gold on brown base, as well as 14 on the current base, embossed. Clark Wothe reports 64 with new embossed dies on a newly issued plates, so they appear to be reissuing old numbers. Justin Beus reports sixty five & 71 on the old base. An update from Eric: Honorary Foreign Consul plates 97, 98 & 99 are in mint condition on the storage shelf at the Florence prison complex plate factory. The Arizona members who went on the factory tour a small months ago was able to see these. The current graphic plate, however with the larger old dies. After the graphic embossed series finished at 99, a flat plate desert-scene HFC plate with a red logo & a 12HFC3 format appeared, presumably starting at 00HFC1. These started appearing in early 2013. From Clark Wothe: There is yet ANOTHER variety of this plate. The num above is still flat however now the logo on the left is gone, & the plate num is middle justified in red letters (instead of the usual dark green.)

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    Clark Wothe June 06, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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