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  • I can see this motorist behind me weaving in & out of traffic. He is currently in the away left lane while I'm in the away right. I start to move to the middle lane to pass a slower driver, suddenly he's attempting to merge in the same space as well. Of course since he's behind me he can see me much better than I him however luckily I recheck the lane I'm changing to & see that we are two merging into the same place. He should have really been moving to catch up to me so fast.I quickly swerve back to the right lane & provide a short protest honk. He barrels by me flipping me the bird. I then watch as he continues to weave in & out of hurry hour traffic until he is out of sight. I'm not certain where he was in such a rush to be however I was glad when he was out of my immediate area.What can u do...

    • Car Details: Black FORD
    • Last Seen Location: Framingham, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous March 26, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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