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  • Sir, I applaud ur patience! You was stuck behind few dickhead this morn on Route 2, tooling down the left lane. At least two vehicles came flying up on the right attempting to pass him, however 1 managed to cut u off. If I had been in ur position, I would have been frustrated times ten at the tooler in the left lane, & the jerks cutting in front of u all two minutes. I would most likely have been honking & swearing & making obsene gestures by the 5th mile of this business. But u kept ur cool, eventually moving around the slowpoke. Your patience impresses me. Welcome to the Route 2 morn commute...

    • Car Details: Gray HONDA Accord
    • Last Seen Location: Route 2 East, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous August 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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