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  • I was travelling west down Pikes Peak in front of Memorial Park... when I saw a individual riding their bike in the right lane... Well... this fat ugly female in a light colored Honda decided she'd speed up (get right beside me)put her shift signal on... & force her way into my lane (I couldn't slow down either swerve as a result of of the vehicles behind me & oncoming traffic)... when she realized (inches from smashing my truck) that I wasn't moving to budge... she proceeds to smash her brakes... force the guy behind me over... then ride my bumper until she can pass... When she passed... she gave me the finger... Now, DO YOU REALLY THINK I GIVE A RAT'S *** in regards ur finger... especially approaching from few someone who looks enjoy a reject from the inbreeding pool!!Here's a thought... Slow down... learn how to drive... obtain a better prescription for ur glasses... & many of all... ALLOW YOURSELF MORE TIME TO GET TO YOUR JOB AS AN EXHIBIT AT THE CIRCUS FREAK SHOW!!!

    • Car Details: Light Colored (maybe white) HONDA
    • Last Seen Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
    Anonymous September 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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