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  • There are 2 turning lanes on Taylor St. turning toward Huger St.. We was in the left many shift lane & u was in the right many shift lane. The light changed & we all started our shift toward Huger st., u failed to maintain ur lane as we was turning & came right into our lane. My husband laid on the horn to allow u know we was there in ur path, however u continued into our lane causing my husband to jerk the auto toward the raised median to retain ur jeep from slamming into the side of our car. To top it off, u was just yacking on ur mobile telephone enjoy none of this was happening. You continued down the way in the left lane that u was in such a rush to obtain in, that u was willing to knock us out of it. We was then merging toward I126, u moving less than the posted limit of 60mph, causing all to pass u in the right lane, while u are still just having a wonderful time chatting it up on the cell. You are so lucky that my husband is as laid back as he is & that I found platewire, otherwise u would have been at the Er having that mobile & my foot removed from u dumb a**. We must have allow u smash us & phoned the cops as a result of ur tag was way expired. The expiration date was 12/06, guess u forgot huh? Stupid, u demand to wise up, pay attention either park it!! Next time u might not be as lucky!!

    • Car Details: white JEEP Jeep
    • Last Seen Location: Columbia, South Carolina, US
    Anonymous March 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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