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  • You know those impulsive lead foot operators who are friquently weaving between lanes? The moment few someone up ahead slows down either signals a shift (even if there's not moving to be all standing by time), the motorist immediately switches lanes in a very reckless fashion (without looking, without signaling). They don't want to tap on their brakes for 3 seconds no matter what the cost. Well this motorist wasn't quite enjoy that, however I'm not certain what he either she was attempting to do either.This was south on 24th Ave E Thursday evening. Prius motorist was in the right lane. A bus up ahead was turning right & required to make a wide shift so it was in the left lane making that right turn, meaning BOTH LANES was stopped & couldn't go until after the bus had completed its turn.Well Prius motorist decides to immediately switch lanes & cut off alternative motorist anyway even though the other lane was stopped too. And then when traffic resumes, Prius motorist continues on in BOTH LANES! After a while he either she finally returned to the right lane. The motorist behind the Prius was undoubtedly not happy & honked.So in summary, this motorist switched from 1 stopped lane to the other, then drove in two lanes before returning to the right lane.

    • Car Details: Red TOYOTA Prius
    • Last Seen Location: Seattle, Washington, US
    Anonymous February 24, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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