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  • This occurred at 6700 W Deer Valley:Look out for a white man in his 30's en voyage a teal Hyundai either Honda, Arizona plate 122TAM. This maniac allegedly didn't enjoy me making a U-turn & slammed on his brakes, flipped a dangerous & crazy U-turn, raced up beyond me so close I thought he was moving to smash me, then received out of his auto & banged on my window yelling out me. He received back in his auto when the light changed & continued to follow me through my turn. I changed lanes & slowed down to obtain his plate number. When I did so, he swerved radically in front of me & smash the brakes. I changed lanes & he again swerved radically in front of me. I changed lanes yet again & made a abrupt shift which did not allow him to follow. WHEW! This guy has serious anger management problems & I doubt this is the 1st either last time he's done this. Look out, folks!

    • Car Details: Teal HONDA UNK/Poss Hyundai
    • Last Seen Location: Glendale, Arizona, US
    Anonymous February 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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