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  • I feel really not good filing this wire, & I'm 1 doing so as a result of I hope her family sees this for two reasons: 1) she must not be en voyage & 2) she requires few professional care. I pulled into a parking spot on Fayette St @ Broadway, & she was stopped in the middle of the road. After parking, I saw her motioning at me through her window. I couldn't hear what she was saying, so I cupped my hand above my ear. She rolled down the window & spoke me that she was moving to park where I was. I spoke her that she didn't have her signal on, & I didn't know why she was stopped in the way for so long. I suggested she park in the space to her left. At this point, a num of vehicles was backed up behind her & started honking. She received out of her auto & yelled at them to shut up. I suggested, at least two more times, to her that she attempt the spot to her left. She said, 'Are u stupid? There's vehicles behind me!' I gave up after that. At 1 point, she spoke she was stopped as a result of she was moving to vote, & she questioned what I was doing. I spoke her I live on the street. And that was that. I felt really not good in regards this. If I knew she was attempting to obtain into this spot, I wouldn't have taken it - however there was no way of knowing. A num of individuals was watching and, I think, wondering what was happening. But I don't feel *that* bad. She was very impolite to me, she yelled, & she did not attempt to solve what was happening. But again - I have mixed feelings. I think her attitude was partly a symptom of her age & something else that was happening, & she most likely requires help. I hope few someone reads this who can help her.

    • Car Details: OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous November 04, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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