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  • This pudgy a-hole in a federal govt. car (the license place was not DC, however was a Federal Government plate with 'G11' followed by '12151') was moving in regards seventy in a thirty five (NY Ave) where traffic was starting to slow. He was in the middle lane & I was in the right lane. As he came up to me, he cut in front of me with almost no room to spare, almost clipping a beautiful Lotus in the middle lane & me at the same time. The 1 reason he made it through was as a result of he was at a angle as he cut in; there was less than a auto length of space. Then he had the nerve to attempt to cuss me out! Good thing his employer is listed on his plates.

    • Car Details: Blue FORD Taurus
    • Last Seen Location: Washington, DC, Washington DC, US
    Anonymous March 19, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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