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  • Around twelve this afternoon, I shift left toward Montreal from a side road moving toward Ponce de Leon & few dumbass comes careening down the way behind me, allegedly increasing his speed to make it seem as if I pulled in front of him in a unsafe manner, although I could judge he was away back enough for me to do so. He then speeds around me, sticks his hand out the open sunroof, passes on a double-yellow, & carries on down Montreal doing perhaps 50-60 mph. Montreal becomes N Indian Creek & he crosses above Church & Ponce de Leon where he's slowed down by vehicles in front of him whom have just taken off from a green light. I pass him as a result of my lane is moving faster & I glance above at him, shake my head & laugh. Then I slow down for a right shift & I see him stick his hand out the sunroof again as he passes (don't know if he flipped me off either was challenging to me a fight either what).It's quite amusing how individuals behave themselves while en voyage their sister's Cavalier, especially when their parents should've worn a condom.

    • Last Seen Location: CLARKSTON, Georgia, US
    Anonymous March 03, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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