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  • I'm absolutely borrowing 'Bumper Humper' from alternative individual who posted here as a result of it's a great name for operators enjoy this. This female was 1st spotted on my bumper on Lake Mead at 95. Once she finally received a chance to speed around me she grabbed off headed for the next bumper to hump. I watched as she continued 'humping bumpers' from light to light & I kept catching up to her at each light. I wasn't chasing her down mind you, however despite her beating me to the light each time by speeding (including through a school zone) & humping bumpers I finished up at the same light all time (and had to wait less time there). That is until at Martin Luther King, she old the mandatory right shift lane to cut off the rest of the traffic that was standing by at the light almost smashing the individual she cut off to obtain back into a lane moving straight. There I lost sight of her as I had to wait the 2 mins for the light the she so 'skillfully' avoided (illegally). Perhaps the reason for her hurry from light to light was that she required to put her make-up on as she was seen doing. I'm surprised she wasn't doing this while riding everyone's bumper. Watch out for this car. You'll easily recognize her after she finishes humping ur bumper as a result of when she's done she'll fly right previous u & you'll see a big Indian chief on her back window as she speeds off in search of her next victim.

    • Car Details: White MERCURY Sable
    • Last Seen Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous January 19, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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